THQ Partners And Machinima Join Forces To Publish And Promote Nexuiz, A Next Gen Arena Shooter From Illfonic



Nexuiz Reinvigorates The Arena First-Person Shooter Category With The Power Of CryEngine 3, In-Game Mutators And A Blistering Pace

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., XXX, 2011 – THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced the launch of Nexuiz, a next gen, arena first-person shooter in a luminous sci-fi setting that blends futuristic technology with a Victorian-era aesthetic. The game was developed by Denver-based IllFonic and is a full reimagining of AlienTrap Software’s cult classic PC game. Nexuiz will be available for Windows PC (via Steam), the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft (via Xbox® LIVE) and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (via PlayStation®Network) in early calendar 2012.

Nexuiz will be one of the first games powered by CryEngine 3 and will enable up to 8 players to battle and experience the power of the world renowned engine. The game also features over 100 dynamic mutators, which allow players to alter the rules of the match and change the actual laws of physics within the game. This means dynamically changing game mechanics and that no game will be played the same way twice.

The launch of Nexuiz will also benefit from an innovative marketing collaboration, leveraging THQ’s global retail and online publishing network and Machinima’s active community of dedicated gamers to drive awareness and sales of the title.

“We at Machinima are always looking for the best gaming and gamer-oriented content to share with our massive, engaged, global community of videogamers. When we saw an early iteration of what Illfonic was creating — a fast paced shooter that re-imagines a classic game title and, we think, breathes new life into the arena-genre as a whole – we were thrilled to partner with the THQ team and help get the word out to our audience,” said Allen DeBevoise, chairman and CEO of Machinima. “The indie developer community, in partnership with the world’s best publishers like THQ and leading platforms like Xbox is promising to deliver amazing gaming experiences in the coming years. As the world’s leading marketing platform for videogames, we’re excited to be at the cutting edge of this emerging trend.”

“Digital distribution has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for our industry, and really given indie developers like Illfonic a chance to shine,” said Tim Walsh, Vice President of THQ Partners. “In the case of Nexuiz, we believe that gamers have been looking for an arena shooter title for a while and we think Nexuiz is just that game—and at a terrific $9.99 price point.”

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