Machinima: The Most Impressive LA Tech Company since MySpace

Long California’s digital also-ran, Los Angeles may have its first bona fide new media hit brewing. It’s called Machinima, it did 2.3 billion video views last year, 350 million in December alone, has 45 million uniques, and is still growing.

These numbers slaughter more well known video companies, but if you haven’t heard of Machinima– don’t feel bad. I hadn’t either before a week ago, when I found myself camped out in Redpoint Ventures office and told partner Geoff Yang I wouldn’t leave without a good story tip. Finally he whispered, “Machinima’s December numbers” and I had to ask him to pronounce Machinima a few times, and spell it before I even knew what he was saying. I was impressed we even had a CrunchBase widget for it.

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